Hoop Factory will be following all provincial, and national guidelines as they pertain to Covid-19 awareness and safety of our users, and participants. 

Hoop Factory has worked with Basketball Saskatchewan on being approved for our return to sport guidelines, and deemed fit for service for the programming and rentals Hoop Factory will run. 

As we continue to monitor and be informed with local and regional Health Reports, we will inform our membership of any changes or additions to our plan. 

Should you feel unwell, or exhibit signs or symptoms of Covid 19, do not enter Hoop Factory. 

Cleaning and Health Practices: 

  • Hoop Factory will provide hand washing stations at each entrance, as well as at the side of each court. 

  • Hoop Factory will have all staff wearing Masks when on site. 

  • Signage to be displayed to encourage social distancing

  • Cleaning solution and materials approved by Government of Canada
  • Sessions will not have overlaps from start/end time with group before/after.
  • There will be no water filling station at this time. 

Daily Assessment must be completed for each Hoop Factory Session as well as a waiver signed and completed for every Hoop Factory Program. Waiver must be completed before participation is allowed. 

Further helpful Covid 19 resources as they pertain too Basketball can be found through Basketball Saskatchewan. 

Updated October 10, 2020