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Friends in Hoops 

A year has come and gone relatively quickly. In October, Golden Ticket Sports celebrates one year in business, in partnership, and in the pursuit to benefit all who love the game of Basketball.


It has been an incredible year of support and love from all of those who know us, or have gotten to know us through events, both online and in person, and connecting around the world. The game is truly a global one. It is our DNA to go big on whatever it is we do, and COVID-19 made us pivot, but made us better and more diverse in our approach to serving others. The Coronavirus has and continues to impact all those involved in sport, ourselves included.  What the virus has taken away from Golden Ticket Sports, it has also brought us a new opportunity. HOOP FACTORY.

An incredible team has been hard at work transforming an 8000 square foot warehouse into a place to transform your game. A facility thought out and made by hand by people who are involved in the game everyday. HOOP FACTORY will open in the middle of October in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, directly on the Alberta and Saskatchewan border - only six feet separating the two provinces. 


HOOP FACTORY will feature one regulation Basketball court, 2 youth Basketball courts, and 2 regulation Volleyball courts. Everything in HOOP FACTORY is intentional to making it more than a building, but a tribute to the game, and the culture of Basketball where we are from.


We will be revealing more details about HOOP FACTORY over the coming weeks, we think you are going to be blown away when you see the before and after pictures. HOOP FACTORY will be the home of programs, leagues, teams, clubs, tournaments, events, and much more as we are open to bookings now. We will be following COVID-19 Protocols, and have begun distributing programming information for the community of Lloydminster and surrounding area. We couldn't be more excited about the opening of Hoop Factory. Follow along as we give background and insight into our process!

Much Love, 

Tanner and Chris

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